Consider wallcoverings & textiles as art for your home.

Like any form of art, the spaces we inhabit provide an opportunity to be expressive and to create different experiences, not only for ourselves but for those we choose to share our space with.

‘Indigo Marvel’ displays painterly blotches & brush marks in a deep hue.

Wallcoverings and textiles are often overlooked when considering art for the home, but much like investing in a painting, they can provide great satisfaction and are a relatively inexpensive way to transform a space. Bold and energising, graphic art utilises line and tone to create two-dimensional visual statements. We’ve put together a selection of our favourite graphic wallcoverings and fabrics to illustrate the impact these artworks can create.

Textured cutouts & bold, organic shapes in ‘Suspended Forms’ from Mind the Gap.

Mind the Gap is an eclectic design company based in Transylvania. Their love of wallpaper and exploration find them reinventing the “old stuff” as they transform their findings into magnificent prints, “We play with old photography and antique illustrations, vintage drawings and contemporary patterns, trying to create fabulous decorative goods.” Their practice has resulted in a range of marvellous collections, each containing graphic designs for interior application.

‘Golden Rush’ is playful with an air of sophistication, where primary colours pop! 

Inspired by a vintage scarf from the 1970s, this geometric pattern was drawn by hand and coloured in bold tones. Atelier brings a bright, graphic element to this space, along with a story to enrich the experience!

‘Atelier’ fabric in colours emerald, zest & marine.

The latest collection from Anthology Anthology 07, is inspired by man’s interaction with nature. Dynamic designs combine visual and textural elements to form an evocative range of wallcoverings that incorporate clever technique and interesting materials.

‘Tectonic’ is a graphic design that is silk screen printed on natural cork.

Art surrounds us and can be uncovered in many elements of our daily lives. Interior design is an expression of art and our homes are the canvases on which we can create. Allow your creativity to influence your design and transform your home into a work of art!

Contact your sales manager for more information on the fabrics and wallcoverings featured in this article.