Explore the rich history of folk art & textiles in Transylvania.

‘Flourish’ in colour Sienna from Transylvanian Roots

An eclectic design company based in Transylvania, Mind The Gap have a unique approach to design as they reinvent the “old stuff” and transform their findings into awe-inspiring prints.

Playing with old photography, antique illustrations, vintage drawings and contemporary patterns, their practice has resulted in a range of brilliant collections including this year’s first release, Transylvanian Roots.

Top to bottom: ‘The Folk Parade’, ‘Saxon Tapestry’ & ‘The Deer Stalker’

With a selection of naturalistic motifs, Transylvanian Roots pays homage to the country’s heritage; celebrating a time when Transylvania was a melting pot of different cultures united by their respect for nature and the abundant land they lived off “nobles and villagers alike grew fruits and vegetables, picked flowers and hunted wild boar and roebuck, alongside their loyal hounds.”

‘The Enchanted Woodland’ from Transylvanian Roots

Top to bottom: ‘Flourish’, ‘Zold’ & ‘Roots’ fabric cuttings from Trasylvanian Roots

Nestled among mountains and forests, traditional country homes reflected the beauty that surrounded them with embellished images of native flora and fauna, plant-based remedies and mythical tales; thus leaving behind a rich folk art and textile history, that is not only celebrated in Transylvania but in art and interiors across the globe today.

‘Countryside by Night’ from Transylvanian Roots

Top to bottom: ‘Heirloom’ & ‘Herina Stripe’ fabric cuttings from Transylvanian Roots

‘The Vixen’ from Transylvanian Roots

… and that was just a taste!
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