Amongst the angularity of a city, where clean edges, tight corners and diffused shapes cast shadows across a bustling street, the delicate appearance of nature provides a striking contrast. Close up interpretations of organic forms diffuse against smooth lines in Momentum from Harlequin.

In this latest collection, Harlequin adds three new books to its successful Momentum range, with the launch of Momentum 6 Wallpapers, Momentum 11 Upholstery and Momentum 12 Drapes, where architectural elements and the subtleties of nature entwine with inspiration from leading hotels of the world.

Claire Greenfield, lead design at Harlequin said, “This collection has been developed to bring the often unnoticed colours of the natural world into our daily lives, whether it be the pink in a sunset or the gold of a pollen. We’ve taken urban silhouettes mixed with microscopic close ups of rock formations, honeycomb and butterfly wings and given them a luxurious twist. As our lives are becoming increasingly fast paced, we wanted to step back for a moment to appreciate the elegance and serenity of our surroundings.”

Throughout the collection, which can be used alongside all previous Harlequin launches,
delicate softness juxtaposes against architecturally inspired statement designs, aligning Momentum with the beauty of nature and the ordered structure of geometric shapes.

Adding a new chapter to the Momentum story, this collection comprises eight wallpapers, 11 drapes and five upholstery fabrics in a striking range of colours. Warming tones of Tulip  and Cayenne feature prominently, alongside highlight colours of Aubergine and Saffron. Titanium and Graphite are used throughout the collection, which is coloured to represent the tones and hues of the natural world.