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Fabrics & wallcoverings from ‘Retreat’

Fabrics & wallcovering from ‘Rewild’

With great emphasis on individual style, the latest collection from Harlequin has been designed to align with your personality.

Across modern damasks, statement florals & angular geometrics, Colour I features both new & bestselling creations, forming four different looks that best reflect who you (or your client) are.

Appreciate the beauty of nature with invigorating, confident shades, brimming with life-affirming energy. 

An infusion of deep greens, pomegranate reds, and terracotta tones warm and refresh our minds and our interiors. Vibrant designs, daring, uninhibited and joyous, unleash their patterned indulgence, filling our homes with layered bursts of glorious technicolour.

Uplifting, regenerative & with a natural, light & airy glow.

Small movements of colour adorn tinted whites in a landscape inspired scheme that reaches from sea to sky. Elegant and ethereal, this calming look combines soft relaxing colours with subtly detailed design.

A tranquil palette of naturally elegant colour.

Retreat’s adaptive looks are muted and chalky, with hints of metallics. Soft botanical greens and Mediterranean pinks team with laidback shades inspired by the warmth of sun-kissed living. Sharing an understated glamour across youthful and traditional schemes, this look creates personal hideaways that are calm, peaceful and timeless.

The perfect tonic to our fast-paced lives. 

Obscured organic patterns and architectural influences layer alongside gentle textures to create a harmonious look that blends edgy angularity with transitional design. Soft greys and smoky darks introduce consistency across this dependable, modern palette.

So, which look best reflects you?
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