Get ready for fun & adventure! Harlequin’s recent release of playful prints has been designed with love for the little people in our lives.

‘Life’s a Circus’ wall panel from Harlequin

The Book of Little Treasures is a wondrous collection of prints and weaves that encourages creativity through storytelling and imagination. Brimming with characterful creatures and fun-packed scenes, this vibrant collection will bring colour and joy to your little one’s space.

‘Into the Meadow’ wallcovering & ‘Little Owls’ fabric by Harlequin

‘Garden Friends’ wallcovering by Harlequin

‘Above & Below’ wallcovering by Harlequin

With 33 wallcoverings and 36 fabrics to choose from, the Book of Little Treasures has something to spark every tot’s imagination!

‘Hide & Seek’ wallcovering by Harlequin

‘Out of this World’ wallcovering by Harlequin

… and that was just a peek!
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