In the heart of Havana, colours explode, the Sun is warm, music is everywhere, the vegetation flourishes…

Casadeco gives you the chance to bring this joyful and flamboyant atmosphere into your home, to enjoy this unique decor every day, at once chic and authentic , full of “joie de vivre” and an unbelievable cultural heritage in a colonial style.

The different designs in the “Cuba” collection originate from the patterns and shapes of exotic plants, the style of objects crafted using ancestral knowledge, the vast and exceptional landscapes, with a sometimes deliciously vintage accent.

The colours are flashy, on high-quality papers with finely wrought finishes. Heavy-weight, non-woven structure finished with a vinyl surface, the wallpapers are also textured giving depth or over-printed for a truly beautiful result. They wrap the walls in positive energy and generosity, catching the light and the atmosphere of a room, making the furniture and decorations sing a soft, seductive and rhythmic melody.